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The Upper Norwood Elastic Band is a flexible group that allows people of all ages and abilities to make music together in a fun, friendly and supportive atmosphere.  Increasing numbers of adults are now taking up music at a later point in their lives, but music services are more often necessarily focussed on music-making for young people.  

The Upper Norwood Elastic Band gives adults the opportunity to socialise and make music together.  But we also want to make this an opportunity for families to learn together - why not use this as an opportunity for you to learn an instrument and take a journey with your child?

The hope is that people of all abilities will be able to develop together; learning from one another in the community and also professional music staff.  The band will be conducted by Christopher Braime, who is a in-demand freelance conductor who works all over the UK and Europe.  Christopher has always placed a great importance on community music making and considers it a vital part of our musical life.

UNEB will keep a profile of every musician's abilities - from this profile, tailor made music will be created just for them which will seek to support and enhance their current skillset.  This will also give an opportunity to assess any additional needs which will be required.  As a musician progresses and improves they will be encouraged to update their profile with us so their music can grow with them.

This is a pioneering way of making music, but keeps a basic value at heart - music should be something we make together.




We meet every Saturday between 14.00 and 16.00


St John the Evangelist Church, Upper Norwood

1, Sylvan Road, LONDON, SE19 2RX
















Individual (including children under 18 being accompanied by other nominated adults) - £7.00 per session

Individual Family Rate (one parent/guardian plus their child/children) - £10.00 per session

Dual Family Rate (two parent/guardians plus their child/children) - £15.00 per session


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